The Florida Exposure Cup Event is a smaller high level event held in the Sunshine State every year. The goal of the event is to provide an incredible experience with incredible teams. In 2022 the event had 26 teams in the 2009 birth year only in Clearwater Beach. 2023's weekend will host some of the same teams at 2009 in addition to 2007-2008 teams from the USA and CA. The 2023 weekend is being hosted in Lauderdale, Coral Springs and Palm Beach over 3 days

Players, friends and family will enjoy a 5 game guarantee, tournament style event while hanging on the beach, at the rink or possibly catching some of the NHL ALL-STAR Weekend fun.


If your team is interested in this event please call 802-595-0860 or email

COST, TBD ($2,500 Plus)